Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wish Wish Wish!!!

Happy Wednesday my dears!! I've had a lot of stuff to do, so I had to take some days off to get it done, I hope the start of the week was bliss for you. This Saturday happens to be my birthday (and Sacramento's too) so I thought to make an early birthday wish list of things that I would love if I could randomly pick whatever, to be honest I'm not really interested in a whole lot of things at the moment, just a quiet day would suit me just fine for my birthday, but here are some cute random things that I love for a list! Most of you on my instagram would have seen one of my birthday presents already as well:( I got it early) Here! I hope you enjoy & wish you a wonderful day, I shall be around to visit all of your blogs soon.

Loves & Loves

P.S. I shall post on Saturday for my birthday with Sacramento, so be sure to pop in!!

We live in a world that is so me me me or we think we need loads of things to be happy, but really if we're grateful for what we have to begin with, we'd be able to know more clearly what it is we really want in life. We sometimes buy or receive loads of material things and then want more straight after. Be grateful for what we have before time makes us lose it!! 

Well everyone knows of my love for MaryMeJimmyPaul and this coat here is definitely a new favourite. It would suit this unicorn just dandy and be perfect with this Scottish weather!! Is it not marvellous!?! I'd be a walking My Little Pony Unicorn, ha!! So much LOVE for this!! 

Who doesn't need a rainbow bag!?! So so cute, I see a TON of rainbows here in Scotland with all the rain, so now I could carry my own rainbow with me even though I'd most likely find one in the sky *wink*

You should all know by now how crazy I am for unicorns and My Little Pony & I've been completely smitten with this line of pretties from Alice Vandy. This My Little Pony Starflower Body Con dress is soooo cute!! I love the whole range & would most definitely wear this..though I would feel like I needed some purple-ish hair to go with it *wink*

Pearls & Swine is one of my absolute favourites in millinery and I've had my eye on this piece for a while now!! Such a sweet face...this Lolly Pop PomPom & Vintage Dollface Fascinator is bliss!! The eyelashes and puffy cheeks are precious along with her expression, it would be so much fun to wear!! Bink is so super talented, her shop is definitely worth checking out if you love to wear cool and unique hair pieces!! 

I love hearts...I've been looking at this set for a while now, it's too sweet. It's the Batoko Heart Stamp Skirt & Top and I just think it like another way of 'wearing your heart on your sleeve' so to speak!! And as a set, I can wear it separately as well as together!

And last, but no means least...I think this is so true..I wish everyone laughter and to love always! These two things are so precious in life, there is never enough laughter and never enough love, they are indispensable and can heal so many negatives!! So laugh & Love always!!