Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday my sweets, I am sooooo happy it's the weekend!! We have a holiday weekend here, so no schools today or Monday. My youngest is off until Wednesday, so I shall rest, read some books and laze around in my My Little Pony leggins all day...happiness!! Here are my favourites of the week, I hope you have a gorgeous and colourful weekend!!

Loves & Loves

I'm obsessed with all things rainbow at the moment, I want all the colours so bright and fun!! I think with all the rain, I've seen so many rainbows in the sky, that it's just stuck with my mood. I'm crazy for this, by one of my favourite designers: MaryMe-JimmyPaul. This rainbow feather top and skirt is happiness!! I would wear this to the grocery store, I kid you not! It's amazing!! 

My obsession with Face Lace continues...they have some new designs & this one is my favourite...I must get it so much!! Perfect!! Inspired by Tiffany Glass patterns, Art Nouveau, adopted through the 70's free-thinkers and then reinvented for the modern catwalks. 

You would have seen this on my Instagram...painting by Francouise's so amazing!! Love these vivid and bright striking!! I will have an art post soon and share more of Francouise's work!! 

I'm obsessed with make-up even more at the moment, but strong make-up!! Jewels around the eyes, bright eyeshadow colours, stuff like that!! Most eyeshadow colours look plain on me because of my tan skin, so I'm needing some bold colours to stand out more. Jewels on the face just look amazing, so I'll be hitting the beauty counters and websites soon for various things. (Pic via here)

And last but not least...I've had this in a post before, but I love it so!! Never worry about being yourself...sparkle and shine, wear bright and crazy colours...whatever makes you happy! But, please never ever fall in line with what society thinks you should be...I see to many people - bloggers especially trying to be like others & that just steals away what makes a person unique!! Am definitely the unicorn in all the colours, life is fun!!