Friday, 23 January 2015

6 Dainty Things

Hello my doll-hearts!! Another week coming to an end, it all seems to go too fast for me at times!! But, I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in *wink* I've been daydreaming of spring and sunshine all week as it's been so cold here, any time the sun comes out, I'm so over-joyed, ha! But, today I wanted to share some pretties that I enjoyed during the week, I hope you enjoy them & have a marvellous weekend!

Loves & loves

This oh so amazing creation by Min Cho Studio! Min Cho is a designer set up in London. This is one of my favourites of her designs, I love it from head to toe, these boots are perfection! I would wear this everywhere and be the happiest doll ever!! Her online shop will launch soon, you can see more marvels on her site - happiness!

With Valentine's right around the corner (a favourite) The amazing Flamingo Candles have launched their 'Love Bug Glitter Valentine Candle' it combines blends of mandarin and petitgrain, with subtle undertones of cinnamon. Lilac glitter is mixed in with their hot pink soy wax for a sumptuous glittery treat!! I looooooooooove it!! You can't go wrong with these candles, so lush.

Everyone knows of my adoration for unicorns & I spotted this beauty and was completely in love!! I have a ring holder like this with a bunny, so this would be it's perfect partner, so beautiful!! I want a unicorn to ride around on *wink* This Bewitched Unicorn Ring holder is found here & there is also a different variation here too!

I first saw these beautiful rainbow earrings on my darling Sara's blog & instantly adored them! Who wouldn't want to walk around with rainbows all day!?! A perfect mix of glamour and quirky, just how I love it!! You can check them out here

Above: I love sweet little socks with fruits or other quirky patterns on them and these pineapple ones are just too precious. I love a hot day near the water eating pineapples and other fruits, the juices dripping down my arms and the sunshine basking their sweet aromas in the air, perfect day!! I've been using a pineapple scented lotion most of the winter and it's helped keep the blues away. These socks would be a sweet treat!! You can spot them here :) 

And lastly below here, some fantastic doughnut shades!! I just find them so cute and funny, they make me think of Homer Simpson, haha! It would be great to wear them and these are also the kind of thing you can make yourself if you have a spare pair of glasses around!! I think I might make some myself...but if your not so inclined to make your can find these sweet treats here.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

{Dainty Art} Japanese Painter Erico!

Hello darling doll-hearts!! Happy's been a long time since I've shared some art on here, so I wanted to fix that straight away!! If you've been following me on Instagram, you already know of my admiration for Japanese Artist Erico! I have no idea how I found his work to be honest, but it was love at first sight!! I love art work that I can get lost in a day dream to and some how find myself in and these do that for me. From the sweet delicious colours to the dainty and alluring moods they evoke. There is something seductive and mysterious about them, but yet all you need to know is right there in front of you, I love that most with art. It keeps me coming back to get more from them, if I don't feel something I move on and barely have another glance. They take me to an enchanting world to get lost in. Erico also collaborates with different companies & you can find his work on clothing and other apparel, I would adore to have a dress with these art works on them...*dreams*
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, you can see more at Erico's pages. Have a fantastical day my darlings!!

Loves & loves

Erico Otome: Website / Twitter / Instagram










BELOW: ONE OF HIS COLLABORATION PIECES WITH AHCAHCUM,  this gown is amazing, you can check out more of his collaborations here!

{All Images are copyrighted to Erico Otome. Please do not copy/alter in any way. For display/sharing purposes only. For further information, please contact Erico from his website, thank you}