Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mary Jo Matsumoto 3 Day Flash Sale!

Happy Wednesday dolls!! I hope the week is going well for you so far, I just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that Mary Jo Matsumoto from Trust Your Style and highly talented designer is having a 3 Day Flash sale of her gorgeous bags starting this Friday!! So, if you like bargains as much as I do, why not go on and grab yourself one. Each of these designer made bags are stylish and unique, you'll be guaranteed to be the envy of everyone you pass by! 
Mary Jo is kindly giving readers the chance to see the sale before the 50% discount code goes up on August 1st - its like a little preview before you shop kind of thing, which I think is really sweet. It helps speedy shoppers like me, be right and ready to get in there and buy what you love and be done in no time. To see the preview just head here:

There will be more added for the actual day, but this gives you a lovely taste of what's to come and what could easily be yours!! Mary Jo does ship overseas, so anyone can take advantage of the sale!! I hope you grab yourself something gorgeous dolls and wish you a marvellous Wednesday.

Loves & loves

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Decadent Dovima

Glamour kittens, doll faces and swinging sirens step into the boudior for I have something delicious for you to feast your eyes on. Sometimes us girls just want to doll up and be glamourous for the evening. We want decadence yet playfullness and sweetness mixed with a bit of sass! Clothes that essentuate the curves, not hide them, something to take your look back to a time when elegance was at the very core of getting dressed each day, no matter where you may have been going. 
The darling Dovima has created this exact world, bringing back those traditional techniques to breathe new life into vintage beauty so well loved and admired by fashionistas today. Each piece from Dovima is lovingly designed and created in England and is exclusive to them. What I love about these designs is that in no way are they boring - just fun and vibrant, no doubt heads will turn wherever you may go. Also, I don't feel you have to be a hard core vintage queen to wear these pieces, you can easily add modern touches here and there through accessories to make a look all your own. So it won't matter if you're a quirky girl like me who likes to wear an array of styles, if you dip into your imagination, any of these designs can work for you.
I love when I find shops that build themselves on traditional techniques, while at the same presenting something new and unique. And even more so, designing and making them in the same country, we need more of that these days. Below you'll find some of my favourites, be sure to check out their website for more. They ship worldwide too for my international bunnies.

Have a great Monday dolls

P.S. this isn't a sponsored post, I just love the label :)

Leopard Couture Dress - I luuuurve this dress!!! I want to wear it with bright coloured accessories of the rainbow along with my vintage inspired glasses in the day and then glam it up for the night time. It's so perfect, I never get tired or bored with leopard prints.

Scarlet Zephyr Pencil Dress - the perfect sass for the day or night. I loved that you could wear this to work or for a night out, combine it with a variety of different accessories and colours - perfect.

Waikiki Coral Palm Swing Dress - I love this palm print, it's classy yet different. I love the black against the vibrant coral colour. And swing dresses are a favourite of mine to wear. This dress also comes in Mint, which I adore the most.

Waikiki Black Palm Midi Skirt - with midi skirts being all the range still at the moment, this is a great choice. If you prefer skirts to dresses, you can still have the palm print and add your own choice of top in any colour or design to create the perfect look. If you like the bustier on the model, you can find it here too

Black Zephyr Pencil Dress - Because sometimes you just need to have a great looking black dress around and I loved the shape of this one. I like dresses you can wear belts with, as you can easily wear the brightest belt you have with this or add other colourful accessories and the added slit in the back is just enough  *wink*

Leopard Print Pencil Dress - For the ladies that got those curves and want to flaunt them, this is the perfect choice. You already know I am mad for leopard print, figure hugging where it counts, but still classy and not trashy. Just perfection!

Waikiki Midriff Mint Palm Halter Top - Showing off the midriff is another look that's everywhere at the moment and I think this one is perfect as you're not showing too much, but giving a bit of illusion and allure with it paired with this gorgeous midi skirt or even any skirt or bottoms of your choice. It's so so pretty!

Thorny Rose Black Pencil Dress - I love all things floral, so this is exquisite, I adore that the flowers are vibrant and bright against the black. Can wear this anywhere.

This super cute Vintage Leopard Playsuit is perfect for a day at the beach if your not one for wearing a swimsuit, the sarong style overskirt is gorgeous.  

{Copyright to Dovima. All Rights reserved. Please do not use/alter without permission. These photos were used with permission from Dovima. Thank you.}