Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Powder Room | Make-up Inspirations!

Hello & Happy Wednesday to you all!! It's cold, so I'm inside keeping warm, I hope you're warm where you are!?! While, it's getting too cold to wear things that I'd really love to wear,m I thought I'd turn my attention to creative make-up! I admit to not being at all savvy in makeup applications, so I dug around for some ideas that would be magical to try even for beginner me!! I was inspired for this post by my friend Lima's incredible makeup skills in the first let's go!

♥ Lima from Fashionicide always slays me with her artistic makeup skills and I can always look forward to something colourful or iridescent!! I picked this one because I love the added 'tail' that is meant to be angel wings, nut unicorn obsessed me sees a unicorn's tail, ha!! Absolutely beautiful, it was hard to choose a look because their all brilliant and different from each other, but always Lima! Her blog is so worth checking out, one of my favourites!! 

♥ Glitter Glitter - yes please!! This is gorgeous, like a pastel iridescent space look, my favourite colours as well. I'd wear this anytime!! By Marly of Punching Pictures that I found on Instagram a long while ago, never fails to surprise me with her creativity. I love her use of various materials used to create her makeup looks. I want to wear this eye look every day!! Love it!!

♥ I think you would have had to be living under a rock not to have recognised this runway makeup as Galliano's!! It doesn't matter how much time has passed, I'm relentlessly referring back to this work. It's so lush, yet has that wild messy feel. Perfect lips and instantly striking to the eyes. Forever a favourite!

♥ Why not add some fun and glittery lashes to your look? I absolutely love these Pink Mermaid Lashes from Nic Love. I have a pair of her lashes and love wearing them, instant fun and really great if you aren't so great with makeup but want a striking look! So different and unique, definitely worth investing in as they can be worn again and again. You can even add to them with jewels and glitter, which you can find on her site too! Support small businesses this Christmas for gifts or party looks!! Incredible makeup by Dixiewolff Love it!! 

♥ I love bows & this simple eyeliner technique is so effective for those that want something simple yet eye-catching!! You may need to practise your steady hand, but it'd be so worth it!!

♥ With this one, I loved how all the bright colours are on the bottom. This would be great for those that have hooded lids where eye makeup can be tricky to be seen. And it's just different, the colours are marvellous and would look great on a variety of faces!! 

♥ And last, but not least...this lilac and gold starry eyed creation is lush to me because I love stars and lilacs go with my skin tone really well. The use of star stickers is super again for those like me that would be useless in drawing them on. The gold liner is the icing on the cake. This one I found on Crafty Inspo from Instagram that shares great makeup looks!!

Well, that was fun!! I hope you found something you loved and will maybe want to try this upcoming holiday season. Be sure to check out more from the linked accounts, I never fail to be inspired by them to try something new and different. Have a gorgeous & glittery day my darling dolls!! 

Loves & Loves
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