Friday, 9 October 2015

Friday Favourites!!

Hello my loves!! Sorry I've been away so long, really haven't been well and rest is much needed. I will be away next week as my children have October break and my husband will be off as well, so it will give me a chance to really rest and get some posts done properly!! But, I wanted to come and tell you that today, I will try and visit your blogs today and over the weekend. I will leave you with some faves from the week, enjoy! And take good care.

Loves & Loves

I wish I could have this as my winter coat, it's so glamorous and lush!! By Ulyana Sergeenko AW15 Couture. I love it so, amazing!

Some of you will have seen this on my Instagram & it's pretty much still how I am feeling, just hanging around!! When you've not been feeling so great, just hanging around is all you can do!! Must check out Ray Caesar, his work is brilliant!!

This adorable 'Sea Ponie' by Stephanie Shank, I love it so, I wish it was real, haha :) 

This should really be my bed, haha!! Amazing! You can see this and more at the Eaton House Studio, one of my dream places :))

And lastly....kinds words do cost nothing, we should be dealing them out like crazy!! They can make someone's day or break it. They make us feel good in this grey life and bring colour and happiness. Remember to speak with kindness, it will get you much further ;)