Monday, 20 October 2014

Pastel Coloured Unicorns Dancing Over Rainbows.....

Hello my dollipops! I hope your weekend was bliss!?! It was a quiet and relaxing one here, it's gotten colder, so time spent inside baking or just wrapped up is essential just now. But, soon I will have to drag myself outside to take more outfit pictures *wink* Here I am today with my outfit that I wore last week to the Art Gallery!! This amazing Unicorn dress is one that my dear friend Kim from A Very Sweet Blog bought me for my birthday, so this outfit is really for her to see :) I love this dress so much, I don't care how cold it gets, I am still going to wear it all winter long. I love that I can wear a zillion different coloured tights & accessories with it as well, I enjoy versatile clothes. And of course Tomo (my unicorn bag) had to make an appearance because he is quite fond of my dress, I think he's been mesmerised by the wonderful pastel coloured unicorns on it - I don't blame him, they're amazing & so is Kim! I hope you enjoy my dress too & wish you a gorgeous start to the week :)

Loves & loves

My amazing moon shaped necklace & candy coloured bangles from Serena Kuhl go perfectly with my unicorns, clouds & stars! The glitter in the necklace is amazing, I love it a lot!!

{Dainty Boudoir: Digital Unicorn Dress - Gift from Kim from Modcloth ; Bangles & Necklace - Serena Kuhl ; Tights & Flower - Ebay ; Shoes & Jacket (old & in the process of being customised) - New Look} 

"I always feel like somebody's watching me, tell me is it just a dream? 

{All photos taken by Gorgeous Gavin}

Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Favourites!

Hello Dolls, Happy Friday!! It's been a long but great week :) My husband has been off for the week, which was great, I was able to get a lot done and have a day out without the girls for just us time too. Am leaving you today with some of my favourite things from the week, some of these you will have seen before if you follow me on Instagram. I hope you enjoy them & wish you a darling and exciting weekend.

Loves & Loves

Since it's become colder outside, I have taken more time to sit and read the books I've had piled up. I read this one after reading the 50 Shades of Grey books (yes, I know, the shame) I withheld from reading these books & finally gave in and read and now I wish I had not, haha. Terrible writing. But, I redeemed myself with Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier - A little tale about a girl working as a companion, meets Maxim de Winter and he whisks her off to marry him and she quickly learns about his recently deceased wife and how obsessed everyone was by her. Lots of twists and turns, the last chapters were a bit un-expected. It was quite haunting and I loved it. I won't say any more as it would give too much away, but I'd definitely read it again :) The tea is cherry blossom, so yummy. I also tried Salted Caramel tea for the first time & it's delish!!

These Irregular Choice shoes and I are in love, haha!! I adore them, they will be in their new season range, such happy pretty shoes <3

One of the paintings I viewed at the Art Gallery while I was away. 'Regina Cordium' (Queen of Hearts): Alexa Wilding. By Gabriel Rosetti. 1866. It was even more beautiful in person, the way it sparkled in the light, I swear she was going to step out of the painting and speak secrets of the past. I adored it. I have plenty others to show you in a post next week :)

Perfumes I need to try. It's from The Library of Fragrance, I happily discovered it from a blog friend. It's called 'Demeter Fragrance Library' in other places. But, they create fragrances to smell exactly like it's title. Like you can get one that smells like Dirt, Apple Blossom, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Clean Skin, Fireplace, Sex on the Beach (the drink), and masses of others. And because these are Linear Fragrances, the scent stays the same & doesn't change like other fragrances do. I'm so excited to try them, I just need to go to a bigger store here. You can check out their website to see the complete range. Moonbeam opens with chocolate and vanilla, then combines greens leaves, jasmine, lily of the valley, amber and precious woods. LOVE!

I'm forever packing things away or putting stuff in places that I forget. And this was one of those things. I had gotten a BIBA picture frame months ago for my birthday and it got put in a drawer so it wouldn't get broken, then I found it. It's just stunning, am obsessed with all things BIBA!!

Me on the train in the morning to the Art Gallery in the city. It was the first time I had ever used my phone on the train, so you know, I was excited, haha. You'll see what I was wearing fully next week as well :)

And these beauties below, are my new nail decals from DIY Nails. I love them so much, haha. I almost don't want to use them, their so cute :) But, I will and show them in a post soon as well :) DIY Nails are so awesome!