Friday, 24 October 2014

Summer to Autumn Transitions

Happy Friday my darlings!! I hope you had a wonderful week...all ready for the weekend!?! I know I am :) Today is my oldest daughter's (Saffron) birthday, so I may not be around too much today, but I will catch up with all of your blogs later on & through the weekend :)) I have a big cake to make :))

But for today, I wanted to leave you with a Summer to Fall Transition Mood Board type thing that I was tagged to do by the marvellous Martina of M's Art Impressions (do check her blog, she's an amazing artist). To show what colours to move to, to make your Summer to Autumn wardrobe perfect! Now, I'm not into trends and I don't even change my wardrobe entirely to different shades during seasons, I always wear what I want when I feel like wearing it. I am more of a mood dresser. 

Most people when summer passes, instantly toss out all their amazing colours and go straight to the beige, creams, neutral colours & that's perfectly fine if you love them, but for me I get bored and start to feel claustrophobic really quickly. I need to continue having colours especially in Autumn/Winter seasons as the grey weather dampens my mood greatly. While, I will continue wearing pastels (rebel that I am) I will bring in lots more vibrant and happy colours to balance my wardrobe and also mix in patterns that I love and accent them with various colours when I don't feel like being head to toe in bright colours as an alternative. So, below you will find some favourite examples of what I mean. I hope you enjoy them & do tell me what colours, patterns or items you are transitioning into your wardrobe for the season changes!?! Also, since I was tagged in this, I am letting anyone who wishes to do this have a go too :)

Have a wonderful weekend dolls

My Summer Kind of Look

During the warmer season, I wore a lot of pastels like below, sweet & happy colours. While I will continue to wear them, I will just wear them less as it gets dirty too easy.

My Autumn/Winter Transition Look

While I will, as I said continue to wear pastels, I will bring in deeper, richer shades of pinks & other colours too. Bright and happy. Also if pinks are not your thing, you can do bright shades of Turquoise, Yellows, Reds, Greens, Purples and they will all fit perfectly with blacks, winter whites and neutrals too. The idea is just to add pops of colour if head to toe colour isn't your thing. The main objective is to be yourself and be happy in what you're wearing! Oooh & Glitter...there is always time for glittery pieces too :) 

BOLD Colours

BOLD Patterns
I love pattern, I used to be too timid to wear such bold patterns, but now I just want the loudest patterns ever, haha :) Stripes are happiness & I adore polka dots. Don't be afraid to mix them together, you can wear them in one uniform colour or go crazy and have many colours together, that's the fun in pattern - pretty much anything goes :)

{All pictures via Pinterest}

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

{Label Love} Baccurelli

Uniqueness, standing out from the crowd, looking stylish, fun, strong and confident...these are all things many of us wish to exude when we walk out of the door in the morning. Many of us enjoy being walking works of art & speaking who we are in some way before we've opened our mouths to speak. And this was instantly what came to mind when I happened to venture onto Meli's Instagram page just last week. After I stopped 'Oooohing and Ahhhing' (ok, ok, there was some squeals of delight in there too) I just knew straight away, that I must leave comments and become her groupy friend!

Meli is a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California that has combined two of her favourite obsessions - acrylic plastic & statement piece jewellery! She started in the fashion world as a model in Venezuela during the late 90's (one only has to look at her to see why - beauty) and later became an awesome graphic & user experience designer, after 15 years of that, she's now designing for herself & creating 'out of this surreal world', fantastical unique pieces for those who love to exude electric individuality. 

I'm completely over the moon for these creations, the lip creations (they remind me of my love for Dali) and bunny brooch are dancing at the top of my wishlist! I cannot wait until my dainty self is strutting around in these beauties. Her talent is sublime and to make her shop even sweeter, I adore and respect her manifesto - 'You are gorgeous as you are. There is nothing you need to change or be. This is what Baccurelli is about! Creating statement pieces that make you feel playful, happy and most of all - fearless! Meli is a fantastic, strong and super duper woman, I freaking love when I come across a woman that is all of these things and exudes it enough to share with other women, so they can feel it too!

I hope you enjoy her creations as much as I do, be sure to check out her SHOP for more sweet treats too, you can also check her out on Instagram too. 

Happy Wednesday baby-cakes
Loves & Loves

p.s. this isn't a sponsored post & I didn't receive anything, I just super duper love this shop & wanted to share!

{All Images have been used with permission of Baccurelli, please contact if you wish to use them or have questions, thank you}